30 November, 2016

XVIII Textile Industry Forum – New business models for the Textile and Garment Industry

 JFV Têxteis, Lda


Last month, ATP (Associação Têxtil e Vestuário de Portugal) gathered several entrepreneurs of textile and garment industry to discuss “New business models for the Textile and Garment Industry.”


The XVIII Textile Industry Forum took place at CITEVE, in Vila Nova de Famalicão. The event counted with interventions from Paulo Portas, former Deputy Prime Minister, and the Portuguese Economy Minister: Manuel Caldeira Cabral.


The event had four panels. Paulo Vaz, general director at AT, was in charge of the first panel: Analysys of the first 20 years of the Textile Industry Forum.


The second panel was presented by Andre Robic, executive director at IBModa, with the outcome of the Fashion Business International Congress.


Afterwards, Nicolau Santos, assistant director at Expresso newspaper, was the moderator for the forum main subject: “New business models for the Textile and Garment Industry”.
The panel also had contributions and comments from: Daniel Bessa, economist; Ricardo Conceição, general director at Atelier des Créateurs’s; Patrícia Paulos, director of fidelization program at MO & Zippy (Sonae); Núria Ramirez, Head of Sustainability Department at H&M España; Hélder Rosendo, general director at P&R Têxteis; and Marco Almeida, Head of Expansion at Parfois.


Paulo Portas presented the last panel with “Traditional industries, new business models. The world has a market”.


Still referring to the forum, Paulo Vaz states: “the forum was created to assemble the textile and garment industry in order to discuss its issues (…). It which has always favored the prospective side, being able to foresee trends and supporting the companies innovative individual strategies, not regardless of the global context, which is increasing harder and  complex.”


Source: Portugal Têxtil