30 November, 2016

Portuguese Textile Exports Increase

 JFV Têxteis, Lda


According to ATP, Portuguese textile and clothing exports kept on growing, up to 11% in September, compared to September of 2015; bringing total export rate growth to 6%, in the first 9 months, against the same period last year.


ATP says that “we are in a position where we can say that 2016 will end with an export value superior to 5.000 million euros”.


The most remarkable rise was the knitted fabrics, followed by woven fabrics, and textiles materials used for technical garments and cotton based raw materials.


The main destinations of Portuguese textile exports are Spain, rising 12% (148 million euros) against the same period in 2015. Followed by Germany, rising 9% (more than 27.6 million euros) and Italy  which rose 14%  (over than 18,9 million euros).


Source: Fashion Network