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J.F.V. Têxteis Lda



J.F.V. Têxteis Lda was founded in 1984, and its main activity is garment manufacture, specialized in circular knitted garments, for women, men and children. JFV is prepared to respond efficiently to any request in developments, for knits or manufacture, always focused on the customer needs.

Global View

With a large variety of prestigious costumers, JFV is present in many markets, namely: England, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Sweden, USA and Portugal. In order to fulfil the costumer’s needs, and the company goals, there’s an universe of 70 people, that are a valuable input to JFV’s success, which work hard, professionally, and with expertise.

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JFV is permanently seeking for new materials, finishes and accessories. Being up-to-date with the latest techniques and trends, developing new circular knits, with innovative characteristics, it’s the company target.

Besides this, JFV develops its own collection, using the JFV brand. This brand gives JFV the ability of offering new models to its clients, bearing in mind their own brand specifications, still aiming to the latest trends in fashion.


JFV sets its mission on the continuous improvement, and fulfilling their costumer’s needs to its fullest: the customer always comes first.

Environment and Safety

Quality, Safety Health and Environment areas are one of the cornerstones for JFV strategy:

Assuring that customers always come first.

Involving all the supply chain, and employees, in accomplishing with JFV’s goals.

Minimizing production environmental impact.

Preventing professional risks. Eliminating, or reducing, safety and health hazards.

Guaranteeing compliance with all applicable legislation.

Reassuring the organization continuous progress.


The constant evolution brought the urge to organize people, and arrange the means, to work as a whole in achieving JFV main goal: supplying the best product, or service, according to the costumer’s needs, with the highest quality, in the shortest time possible.

In order to do so, JFV uses the best equipment and suppliers – that are selected according to order requirements and specifications. JFV uses the latest technologies, in order to achieve further competitiveness and supremacy of its products and services, in all its productive cycle.

Costumer needs, and order specifications, define the quality criterions. The quality standard it’s identified by JFV and it’s embodied on the commercial characteristics of the final product.

During the whole productive cycle the team keeps in mind the mission and goals of excellence that JFV stands for.


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